Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's a Snake in My Boots!!

  Ok, not really..but there are definitely ants in my pants.  Im soo excited to get this show on the road, to go from this cold Michigan weather to sun and palm trees..wearing shorts in February...going to the beach.  The CP is what keeps me in a better mood everyday.  If something irks me, I just remember I'll be working at Disney World in 84 days (which is nuts, I remember when it was 130) and it instantly brings a smile to my face.  And if u are in my boat, you know what Im talking about...its a pretty fabulous boat.
  I havent posted in a while but I want these posts to mean something..I dont want to bore people with blogs about what color socks Im wearing..I want to truly take you along in my journey and get excited with me :)  This isnt made just to hear myself speak..er..type, its kinda like my new journal of sorts, which means this matters to me!  So if you are along for this ride, I thank you!
  Soo since my last post, things have moved along quite significantly.  1)  I have told both of my jobs that I'm leaving in January.  And though employers arent usually happy if u give notice, I love the smile on their faces when I mention Disney World.  Even though everyone immediately says "are you going to be Mickey Mouse?  or Cinderella?" I have to tell them the truth--I'lll most likely be selling french fries and turkey legs.  But I am excited nonetheless.  2)  I have met some girls on Facebook and we have discussed getting an apt together, which is pretty effing amazing.  2 months ago, I barely knew anyone in the program, and now I get a friend request every couple days from another CP.  Im always chatting up the discussion boards and I love taking an active part.  And the best part was meeting Parker, whom I met on FB too and now we are official roommates for the CP.  Blows my freakin mind...  3) I found someone to sublet my room in my apt I currently live in so thats pretty bad-ass..I can leave and not screw anyone over in the process.  Woot for being a good person!  4) I got my Rock Band drumset so I can rock out in FL..definitely stoked about roommate bonding via videogames.  Flippin awesome.
  Well thats it for now, Im bloggin during class..because Im a responsible student, but hey at least it looks like Im taking notes or something :)  And I voted today, which always feels great!!
TTFN Ta Ta For Now!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A lil' background

  Here's a little background about myself.  For starters, this is my first blog.  I have read other past CPer's blogs and never thought I would even create one of these until I got my acceptance letter.  It then became real that I would be leaving my friends and family and I wanted a way for them to keep up on my experience.  So here we are.  I did consider vlogging, which may come with time, but my laptop is not equipped with a mic and I dont think Id look too hot on a vlog with a headset ;)
  Im 27, and I know I will be one of the older CPers.  I just wasn't lucky enough to know what I wanted to major in right out of high school.  So I took some time and life experience to figure it out.  And I am so glad I did because I think I have it right now.  So I may have a few years on some of the others, but Im going through this experience with an open mind and heart.  I went to a community college, never had the going-away experience and I never lived in a dorm.  So here I am, a little later, but I finally get that experience.  But I get it with Mickey Mouse, and I think that is pretty bad-ass.

The wait is over!!

Mon Sept 13, 2010
  Today is an interesting day.  A great day, actually.  It has been an interesting, great, amazing, anxiety-inducing day.  After 17, yes, seventeen days of waiting since my interview, I finally got my acceptance letter to the Disney College Program.  When I opened this said letter, I was in my office at my current internship.  I was reading email in my corporate inbox from my mother, when I noticed that the inbox number of my gmail account had changed.  Strangely, I stared at the number.  I didnt click on the tab to see my inbox.  I just stared at the number, which had changed from 6 to 7.   7.   7..  Somehow, I knew what that increase in number meant..not just a new spam email offering who-knows-what, but it was a letter that would change my life! Ahh!  That's some serious business! 
  Click--I clicked the tab to my gmail and saw the new mail.."Disney College Program Recruiting- Your invitation".  I opened it and found the color i had been anticipating, PURPLE!!  All I saw was "Congratulations, Melissa" and "Quick Service Food and Beverage".  Yay! WHAT?!?!?!  QSFB??  I didnt even list that role as one that I desired.  I still ran out of my office, yelling "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god", down the hall, and past my boss, which caused me to run back past her and yell "everything is ok, everything is good"..and continuing my religious? chant down the hall, out the door where I called my best friend, my mommy.
  "Mom?"  "yes", she replied.  "I got it! Oh my god, I got it!  Im going to work at Disney World!".  From there I proceeded to cry..except no tears came out because my nerves were completely shot.  "But, Im doing something I didnt really want to do." I said sadly.  "But Im going to live in Florida and be at Disney World!" I said happily.  "But Im going to be so broke!" I said sadly.. "But Im so excited I cant think straight!", I said happily.  "That's amazing, Missy", she said.  "Even if it wasnt exactly what you wanted, it's getting your foot in the door and its a great opportunity".  "Yeah"-thats all I got out at I caught my breath.  "Oh my god, Im moving to Florida...FINALLY!".  "Ill tell you the details when I can think straight..bye!".
  I have driven myself nuts these past two weeks, joining threads, boards, chats, and facebook groups, immersing myself in the CP culture.  I have wanted to know everything to know.  And I didnt even know if I had gotten in.  I had nights I didnt sleep, barely ate, because my anxiety was in high gear in anticipation of my rejection or acceptance.  And now I know the answer, I know Im going and I feel like....like...a little kid whose about to go see Mickey Mouse :)  There's lists and lists of things to be done.  Im a 27-year-old who is deathly afraid of leaving her Mommy and family behind.  But I am also so excited for what the next several months will bring.  I may be flipping burgers, but it will be at the happiest place on earth, with people from all over the world that I have yet to meet.  And though my fears are overwhelming, Im thinking its going to change me in so many amazing ways and Im ready for the challenge.  Im ready to be a CP!